So you ask ... what is Thirdspace? Thirdspace is Your Space for tutorials, news, the web, entertainment and life. We release breaking news as it happens and brings the news and tutorials you want. Our topics vary quite greatly, what was mentioned above is just a brief outlines. We write content that satisfies the you - The reader.

To mention, this site is in beta form. It is still usable but you will see a lot of changes and times of 'inactivity'. This wont happen for long but we want to create the best site for you and strive to accomplish that. Thank you for your understanding.

If you wish to contact us, feel free to do so.

Thirdspace Team

     The Board:

Elihu5991 -       Founder
                         HOW (Head of Web)
                         HODe (Head of Design)
                         HOF (Co-Head of Finance)
                         HOM (Head Of Marketing)

Elihu5991 is a tech enthusiast. He has a passion for Photoshop and Coding/Developing. Tech is not the only thing he likes, he also like The Arts and Art itself. In his spare time, he learns new things, create art in all ways and manner, is an actor and loves helping others.

Kira -                Founder
                         HSM (Head of Social Media)
                         HOF (Co-Head of Finance)

Kira is a gaming enthusiast. He loves his WOW (World Of Warcraft), Star Craft II and Steam. Kira is also passionate about Anime and even has Anime Marathons with friends. In his spare time, he also chills on the net and loves helping others.

KurtyKool -      Founder
                         HOD (Head of Development)
                         HGD (Head of Game Development)
                         HGa (Co-Head of Gaming)

KurtyKool is a professional game developer and coder. In his spare time, he is making new games and helping others. He is also the lead guitarist and singer in Checkerboard, and owns Kurty Kool Video Games. A master sniper in both Nerf Wars, Kurty Kool is your man for a post-apocalyptic war.


Splasshh -      Philosophical Life Author

Splasshh has some pretty excellent views about life. She's a deep thinker and really wants to get  the word out - Hence, she was brought on the Thirdspace Team. In her spare time, Splasshh is passionate about music and specializes in singing.


Even though we have our departments, we still contribute to each-others areas.
More Authors will be published to this page soon.

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