Thursday, October 21, 2010

The future of HTML 5

As soon as HTML 5 was released, it was a massive hit. HTML5 has allowed developers to develop Web 2.0 with ease that once required a lot of CSS.

HTML5 provides elements that allow you to place audio and videos that once required Flash or Silverlight.

To point out, HTML5 is not complete yet; it is believed that W3C and ass
ociates will be finalized by 2012.

So you wonder, "Does my browser support HTML5?". Well, the latest Chrome, Firefox and Opera do but IE7/8 (Internet Explorer) does not, even though the majority of web users still use IE6. The beta version of IE9 is capable and Microsoft has done
a great job.

Example's of HTML uses and sites are below:

Yes, this is not an error. This

How awesome is this!

Google could not be left out.

So you see, HTML5 has great potential. So join the band wagon (like I have) and create something new!

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