Thursday, December 23, 2010

Gaming a history and a review

By Kurty Kool

I was sitting on the couch playing Grand Turismo 5 the other day and I began to realize how far gaming had come in just over half a century (52 years to be precise {the game was tennis for 2})

From these humble beginnings came the rise an extremely large empire. Many empires ! (The Babylonians from AOE I was my favourite!) But the idea of video games took a while to progress.

The early days of gaming, (1958-1992) Classics sprang up everywhere there were: starwars, streets of rage, tetris, donkey kong, frogger, pacman, space invaders, street fighter, super mario bros, super mario kart, abes odeussey and final fantasy just to name a few!

But how do these old games compare to the modern games that have action, story, graphics and level design. And then it hit me, they have passion and simplicity. If it works for websites, books, movies, etc. it must work for games!

PS: I lost the race!

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