Tuesday, April 19, 2011

15 shortcuts to boost productivity on Windows 7

By ELihu5991

With the advent of Windows 7, Microsoft has really stepped up the plate due to their ruined reputation with Windows Vista. I’ve dug through the snazzy features of Windows 7and given the 15 shortcuts that will boost your productivity. Productivity is essential and these 15 will ensure the best.

In this tip, we will use ^ as the Windows Icon on your keyboard and if in Italic, refers to a specific key on your keyboard. The + means in unison:

^+ Up Arrow                                      

^ + Down Arrow                               
Restore or Minimize

^ + Left Arrow                                   
Snap to Left

^ + Right Arrow                                 
Snap to Right

^ + Home                                           
Restore or Minimize all other windows

^ + Space (hold keys)                        
Peek at the desktop

^ + Any Number (1-9)                    
Open a program on the taskbar. Example: Win + 1 launches
the first pinned program.

^ + +                                                     
Zoom In

^ + -                                                      
Zoom Out

Shift + Click on Icon                        
Open a program

Middle (Scroll) – Click on icon      
Open a program

Shift + Right click on icon               
Show window menu (restore, minimize, move, etc)

Drag up from a taskbar icon         
Opens Jump List

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