Wednesday, April 27, 2011

By Kurty Kool

Super Heroes are in general just plain awesome... How many of us have wished to have any amazing abilities, from flying to telekinesis. But then again, how AWESOME would it be to know a Super Hero! So, to help you all, I have decided to become a Super Hero. If anyone mocks me I will obliterate them with powers that only YOU can decide. That's right, you can chose your own REAL LIFE SUPER HERO!!!

My Abilities (Gosh this sounds like a resume!)
Game Making
Web Development
Super Smart (IQ: 122 at age ~13)
Good Fighter
Can clear an entire room of girls
Really Good Actor
Lies Really Well
Eats ALL* Vegetables
Good With Computers
Listens at School
No-one Would Suspect.

So in your comments can you please write a list of:

My Name (Super Hero Name)
My Powers
My Nemesis (Apart from Apple and Microsoft and IE and Death {my death only})
My Symbol (this can be a link to an image)
and Wether you would call me for help... (+$1000 on any trips other than local areas)

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