Friday, April 29, 2011

Fast Five Review

By Stretch

It's the wedding of the year... maybe even the wedding of the decade! Prince William and Catherine Middleton got married toda... wait, what's that? There's a new Fast & Furious movie in cinemas? Now?

Well... I think we know what takes precedence here.

The fifth installment in the immensely popular Fast & Furious movie franchise is a near perfect fusion of action, cars, a storyline that you can actually re-tell and... more cars.

Now I don't want to give too much away, and so I'm going to tell you the bare minimum storyline. In a nutshell, the head honcho, Dom, leads a team of racers from various Fast & Furious films of the past on a daring mission to collapse the network of a crime lord and a corrupt police force in Brazil.

The way the directors have fused cars and a heist so well is truly amazing. In fact, the picture on this article is directly related to that, but to see how, you'll just have to watch the movie.

I highly recommend Fast Five for guys AND girls alike, and when you've seen it, why not come back here and leave a comment telling us your favorite car from the film?

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