Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Best Internet Browser: The Quest to End All Arguments

By Kurty Kool

Over the years, many Internet Browsers have been produced. Some have an edge over other browsers, while others seem like they were produced in the dark ages of the internet. So to solve many arguments, I have put together an Internet Browser guide, it alone will solve this great debate.

Question 1: Text-Based or Image-Allowing

You might think that Image-Allowing would win hands-down. However, there are some huge advantages. For example; in a text-based browser, a disability software can easily read over the website, and translation is not a problem. However images, videos and backgrounds are just too much to miss out on. Not to mention that software is becoming more accessible.

Question 2: The Big Three Browsers (IE, Firefox and Chrome)

Internet Explorer: Internet Explorer is used most widely, however it is boring, plain and does not have as many functions. However it rarely crashes and is simple to use.

Firefox: This was the early solution to IE. Firefox was helpful simple and had more features. However it still lacked fun and was often unsupported by other programs.

Chrome: This was Google's reply to the world of browsers. It is fun and personalized, it has all the functions one could ever want! It allowed users to completely modify their browser! The best part, is that users can save their settings and use them on another computer using the sync! Tabs are more visible and it has a sleek design! The only broblem is that it can easily crash and that bugs and errors are always occuring.

The Answer....

Now I could say, find out next post, but I'm not that evil (unlike IE) LOL XD. so here is my answer...
For the average user who can surf the net without asking their nephew a billion times Google Chrome is easily the best. It just screams fun! It boosts creativity.
However for the layman, (ie: a user who cannot surf the net without annoying the youngest relative) Mozilla Firefox is your answer.

So that is my advice. It might sound like I have a prejudice against IE (and I do) but it is just plain annoying. Thnx for reading!

Kurty Kool

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