Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Top 6 Chrome Extensions

by Elihu5991

With the plethora of Chrome Extensions available, we've sifted through and done the hard work for you and are providing the top 6 Extensions you must have as a Chrome user. All of these extensions are work and school safe so you can relax when using them. The top 6 are not put in any particular order, as they're all important.

What is WOT (pun intended)? Web Of Trust. WOT is a community people like us who have this extension. Once installed, this extension will warn you when accessing malicious and explicit sites. The badness of the content is rated by the users (us). So if you can go on a site, rate it, comment it and depending on what you put as the rating, the site will get a Green (good and safe), Yellow (Warning) or Red (Dangerous).

Its free, its easy and anyone can join. There are no restrictions; have freedom of speech.

I myself have been saved many times by WOT and I greatly thank the community. This is an absolute must. You don't want to regret it in the future when your computer gets screwed.

Google Share Button

The Google Share Button is the perfect button for all you social networking lovers! Google Share Button is a great companion with Yoono (later on in this review). So your surfing the net, find a site you'd love to share on Facebook (whether that site has a share button or not) and would like to share it with your 300+ friends. Simple, click on the share icon that you'll see and choose your service to share on; in this case, Facebook.

The list is endless on which services you can share on. When you click the button, you get 12 options > Click more and you get another 28 ! > Click 'View more services', you get another 41! The opportunities are endless ...

If your services is not on the list, let us know.

Webmail Ad Blocker

Personally, adds in my emails are absolutely ridiculous. I can see how adds are important and can actually do good, but with emails, no way! They slow your loading time which kills my productivity and the amount of time I can bring quality articles to you.

So off I went to my trusty Chrome Extensions gallery and found the perfect extension.

Using Webmail Ad Blocker, you can surf you mail with ease and faster response time without the clutter.

The extension is clean, stays out of your way and requires absolutely no setup.

Slick RSS accompanied by

The perfect extension combination to your collection. Slick RSS (will use this term for both) automatically detects RSS and Atom Feeds on the sites you visit. You can easily subscribe to them and get the latest updates. To easy.

Google Dictionary (by Google)

What a lovely extension. Your surfing the net and find a word you don't; 'What is it?' you ask, 'What does that word mean?'. Well, there's a really simple way to find out. With Google Dictionary, all you need to do is double-click on the word and small yellow box shall appear giving you the definition. If yo would like a more concise definition or it to be expanded, simply click on the dictionary icon that appears in your address bar. You can even highlight a word and click the icon and it'll give you the definition.

To mention, it doesn't just give you a definition - It gives you the synonyms, type of word, POV (Point Of View), plural, pronunciation and the web version. Not to forget, Google Dictionary also provides sources for you to further enhance your knowledge. Google Dictionary is seriously a breakthrough.

Another companion for you Social Networking lovers. Where do I start? If I can fit it all! Yoono brings Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, MSN, gTalk and Yahoo. Make a status update and you and make it appear on all your sites at once. Chat with all these services with one account and see your friends update with ease. This is truly one-in-an-million extension that is rarely made and genuinely the best out there.

All of these extension are safe and free at time of writing. We take no responsibility for anything wrong that happens, though we are willing to help in any circumstances you may have. 

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