Saturday, November 6, 2010

Creating the perfect alias - So your protected online

The web is full of freaks and trust me, you do not want them to know who you truly are. Its extremely important that you can generate the perfect alias as if you were to have at least one hole, poof, they've got you.

You want to be able to create an alias that's smooth and roles of the tongue. You don't want the stranger your chatting to you ask a question regarding some things you've told about yourself(alias) and recognize some paradoxes. Then when you try to cover that up, you even make a bigger hole! After that, you provoke them (if not enticed already) to find the truth about you; it can also ruin potential friendships you could've made.

We will be using an example to aid this tutorial.

Creating the story

Thinking of a story you like >>>
I've lived life in Australia (Perth, Western Australia) and love my basketball. I have a girlfriend and her name is Elanora. I have a brother named George and a sister named Felicity. I live only with my mum, as my father died. 16 yrs and in yr11. I play state basketball and am team captain.
Creating the name

The name is crucial. Don't use a name like h1l0 or 678BHG or whatever nickname you have and/or come up with. Use a genuinely true name >>>

I'll call myself Phillip and my surname shall be Johnson. Its common and easily believable. There's no sense of suspicion so it'll work well.
Creating the personality

Ok. No joking around here. Are you the funny type (be careful with this one, you really got to be able to make jokes as your talking), loud, use a lot of 'chat speak' (ie. LOL, ROFL, XD, .etc). You can make or break your identity here. Stuff this up and you can potentially ruin yourself. Sit straight now and follow >>>

I'm going to make myself a out going guy who like to party and have fun. A champion sportsman. I'm gona love using my LOLs and really shorten my sentences. I really want to get to know the person I'm talking to and get close to them. I'm a girls guy that's how I got my girl ;D
The online identity
Ok, its time for your big break! Create a IM (Instant Messaging) address - we'll use MSN for our example - and email (use the same service). It'll be nice if you were to keep it consistent, though you don't have too. What social networking sites are you on? >>>
My address is I'm on Facebook and my username/address will be and twitter is @philyboy_1 .

Name   Phillip Johnson
Location   Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Likes   Basketball, games, partying 
Dislikes   Weirdos, Nerds, know-alls, freaks
Age   16


You really have got to make sure it really is smooth, I can't stress that enough. Follow this and before you know it, your a new you!

Feel free to tell us how you went. Leave a comment, contact (see contact page) or tweet us if you need anything.

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