Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Google expands the Instant search feature

By Elihu5991

Google has expanded their instant search feature to 18 new domains. This is a great feat as more people around the world are able to be far more productive in an Instant (pun intended).

What is Instant? Instant is a new feature the Google has been rolling out recently. They didn't just give to all nations at once, its done at a step-by-step process. They are continually working to their goal of having it in all nations. Instant is only available when you sign into Google, no matter what service you sign into. When you're typing in a search term, it automatically changes the result to accompany what you're searching. If you type in cars, it will show you the result for cars if you were to press enter (or search) instantly - Provided that your connection is fast enough, Google will let you know.

The new domains/nations are:

Bulgaria          Croatia          Denmark          Greece          Finland
Hungary          Indonesia       Latvia              Lithuania        Malaysia
Norway           Pakistan        Philippines       Portugal         Romania
Serbia            Sweden          Vietnam

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