Sunday, March 27, 2011

Could you call Chrome Webstore an actual appstore?

Ever since I heard of Google announcing the much anticipated Chrome Webstore. I was thrilled that we finally have an appstore for the web and computers - Not just iPhone/Androide and the like. Months of waiting, it finally came. My Chrome browser automatically updated (as it usually does) so it is capable of the Webstore feature and it came with two apps: Entanglement and Poppit - Which are both pretty good. I then go to the Webstore and am thrilled again by the variety! As I start installing the apps, I discover something disappointing ... they don't work like apps do.

They are pretty much website with a "App Sticker" stuck on them. When you launch them, they go directly to the site. They aren't fresh apps, they're pre-made web apps - It redirects you to them. Now you may think that's ingenious but I also find that disappointing. Now get this - Not all the apps are like it.Now you can't really call that an app when it redirects you to its original site.

Google did go on about it embracing WebGl technology (Web Based Graphics Library). You can basically create 3D content for the web! Previously attempted with VRML. Now an app built with WebGl, I can give credit to.

With most of the apps, you can access via the url, no need to 'get' the app. The apps from the Chrome Webstore are essentially shortcuts to actual web apps that are already available. And if an app has been built specifically, it is actually hosted on their servers - Which is what usually happens with iPhone/Android apps but is still disappointing. Your really actually accessing websites. I can even create one for Thirdspace!

I classify this as a shameful act by Google. A prestigious and highly respected company who has changed the world as we know it! They should, and do, know better.

I must admit - Very smart of the developers and Google to make themselves look good with awesome 'apps'.

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