Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Do Designers really need Uni degrees?

Designing comes from the heart. Its something that you're pationate about. More and more these days, employers are hireing designing with qualifications. I strongly beliveing thats a disgrace in the design world! Yes, I understand that even the most innate designer will still learn skills from degrees; but we have the Web for that.

I'm a designer myself and I've learnt everything and more from the Web, though I am innate myself. From personal experience, I have people asking me to design things for them and they love it. Now I'm not trying to sound like a stuck-up but its true. I'm not the only one: I have fellow designers friends who expreience the same. What does this tell you? Design comes from the heart not from lecturers.

I'm not here to criticise the Uni degrees out there, they're good alright, but employers really shouldn't be hiring desginers based on qualification - They should judge based on original work by the applicant (aka Designer)

Design isn't the only thing this is an issue with, other occupations have the same (if not worse). If I have time, I will let you know.

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