Friday, April 1, 2011

Why Microsoft Office Sells Every Second

By Elihu5991

Believe it or not. Microsoft Office 2010 sells every second ever since its release. This not an exaggeration or some PR/Marketing scam. Another true fact, Office generates a third of Microsoft’s revenue. For the eighth year in a row, Microsoft Office was the No. 1-selling software product in U.S. retail measured by dollar volume, outpacing games and security software.

3 Facts and Statistics:
  • Globally, one copy of Office 2010 sells every second.
  • More than 30 million people tried Office Web Apps, the browser-based version of Office, within the first 100 days of release.
  • More than 100 million SharePoint licenses have been sold to more than 17,000 customers.
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Think about it, Office pretty much dominates Windows and Macs, think of how many computers you use and how many of them have Office. Microsoft truly has market dominance.

Before Office 2010 connected with businesses and consumers, it first won praise from many product reviewers in the press. “At last, the suite that users built,” read one headline in InfoWorld. The Boston Globe called Office 2010 “an update worthy of the networked world.”

InfoWorld writer Neil McAllister asked at the beta launch, “So how can Microsoft improve on a product that many customers considered feature-complete long ago?”

The answer – both McAllister’s and Microsoft’s – was by fine-tuning the user experience, expanding it to the Web, and further embracing mobile.

A move we can see in Office Web Apps that is also compatible with mobiles.

“We set out to deliver the best productivity experience across the PC, the phone, and the browser,” Kirk Koenigsbauer, corporate vice president of the Microsoft Office Division product management group, said. “That’s so fundamental because the days of people just sitting at their desks and working on their PCs are long gone. Office 2010 is bringing the right capabilities at the right time and helping customers improve productivity and cut costs.”

Google Docs and Zoho now have serious competition in the office web apps market. It was once only Zoho who dominated; then Google came along and everybody thought Google dominated; now comes Microsoft ... who next?

That’s why Koenigsbauer believes Office 2010 products will continue to win over customers and keep the momentum rolling. He added that those “right capabilities” go beyond productivity tools such as word processing, spreadsheets, and presentation tools. The full productivity portfolio also delivers unified communications, email, content management, enterprise search, business intelligence, and social networking capabilities.

“We believe no one has the breadth or depth to deliver productivity and collaboration services like Microsoft does,” Koenigsbauer said.

I certainly believe this statement is correct. Microsoft Office is truly the most tried and trusted office suite known to man. Open Office and Libre Office have serious competition.

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